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Jen petite and sweet Pattaya bargirl

Aug 30th 2012

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“Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. It doesn’t happen too often but from the moment I laid eyes on Jen I
was in LOVE. Jen was dancing on the stage of her gogo barefoot, wearing only jean shorts and a black
bra. For a moment I didn’t know if she was the barfined girlfriend of someone at the club or what. She
looked in my direction with a giant smile and gyrated her body to the music.

She alternated between watching herself in the mirror then down at me. I grabbed the nearest waitress
and ordered a lady drink for her. After the next song finished she came down off stage and up to me.
This girl who owned the world on stage now shyly looked at me with a little smile and shook my hand.

I asked her name and in a cute squeaky voice she answered “Jen”. 19 years old from some city in the
Isarn area of Thailand. Jen was still wearing her jean shorts and the waitress told her in Thai to take
them off and sit on my lap. No complaints from me on that suggestion! Jen’s bubble butt rested on my
lap and I caressed her silky thighs. She was glistening with sweat from dancing and I kissed the back of
her sweaty neck. Jen’s eyes opened big as I tasted her sweetness. I enjoyed all 45kg and 150cm of Jen
and after another drink we went short time.

We stripped naked in the room and kissed, then went into the shower. I soaped up Jen’s cute round ass
and small tits. She washed my cock and balls and rubbed against me.

We dried off and went into bed. Jen laid on her belly with the towel around her waist. I massaged her
back, down her her nice little buns. After rubbing her buns I went down and licked her little ass crack.
Jen giggled and wiggled then opened her legs more for me. I licked her little butthole first, lightly licking
her perfect clean hole then made my way down to her pussy. Jen is DELICIOUS and her sweet smells
had me rock hard and ready to go.

Jen moved onto her back and I circled her clit with my tongue. Jen had her eyes closed and breathing
hard as she was pleasured. I moved up and Jen kissed me with a very open mouth. She must have
loved her own flavor and licked my mouth clean of her pussy. My cock waved against her pussy and
slipped between the lips. Jen made a move for the condom in the bed but as my cock slipped further
inside she gave up on the idea and her little legs went up higher.

Some girls are just made to fuck and Jen is one of them. She perfectly positioned herself so I could rock
back and forth inside her. No lie, after just a minute or two I felt I could have cum. But wanted to enjoy
her more and get some more photos for you guys too.

I pulled out and positioned Jen doggystyle. Her pussy was dripping wet and already creamy. I went
right back in and marveled at the view from behind. After a few pics I switched Jen back to missionary
so I could fully burry my cock inside this teen angel. By now Jen submitting completely to me and I
asked if I cum inside or outside. Her shiny eyes looked at me and she smiled “up to you!” I started
cumming right then, coating her soft pussy lips with my seed. Jen looked down at the big load all over
her pussy and smiled wide. She pulled me back inside her and kissed me more.

We embraced for a few minutes just holding our sweaty bodies together and kissing. We were both
sticky from cum and sweat so went into the shower and cleaned off. I floated into the shower and spent
most the shower shaking my head in wonderful disbelief at what a great time I had with Jen.

Without a doubt one of the greatest sexual experiences of my life and 1,000,000% recommended.”

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