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Pook sexy thai teen gogo dancer from Pattaya

Jul 11th 2012

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“HOLY FUCK! I looked up onstage of this Walking Street gogo and was greeted by the most perfect small
ass i’ve seen in a while. When the girl turned around my eyes took in this sweet teen face and smiling
mouthful of braces. In a smiling trance I called over the waitress and bought this cute girl a drink.

She came down and shyly sat on my lap. I asked her name and in a cartoon voice she said “Pook”. 18
years old, 38kg and comes from Rayong. Looking down at this tiny but soft ass bouncing on my lap
made my dick instantly hard in my jeans.

A few more drinks and Pook warmed up, now grinding her ass fully. She excused herself to dance back
onstage, which I welcomed to see her little body in action. Pook opened her bikini top and I saw she has
great tits and one of the nipples inverted. A few songs later Pook came back down and sat on my lap
facing me. Pook smiled big and slipped her tongue in my mouth. I reached around and caressed her ass
cheeks, sliding my finger under the small g-string material to touch her wet teen pussy and soft asshole.
Pook responded by kissing me more deeply. Her small panties were now soaked as I went to work on
her inverted nipple. I teased and sucked on it, first gently then harder and harder. After some work her
spit covered nipple was hard and erect.

Pook looked down at her nipple and smiled again. Her eyes were sparkling and I asked if she wanted to
go shorttime. Pook responded with a big “Yes!” and threw her arms around me. I paid the bill plus her
600 baht barfine and Pook went to the back room to put on her clothes.

Pook came out in this girlfriend dress and we walked to the nearest shorttime room. As we walked into
the room Pook’s phone rang. She looked at the number and before answering said “my sister.” She
started talking and while in the conversation I lifted her dress and could see that her panties were see
through. It was easy to see her entire pussy through the panties. I pulled down the front of Pook’s panties. Her shaved teen pussy was exposed and sweaty and I slide my tongue easily inside. Pook
closed her eyes and continued to talk on the phone.

After a minute or so Pook looked down and me and said “how much you give me shorttime?” Normally
whenever girls bring up money before actual sex it’s a bad sign. But my dick didn’t care and I looked up,
my face covered in her pussy juice and said “how much you want?” Pook thought for a moment and
said “2000 baht?” 2000 is a little high for a short time, since normally you can get shorttimes for 1000-
1500 baht. But wanting things to go as smoothly as possible with this teen angel I quickly said “sure!”

This made Pook smile again and she finished with the phone. Pook laid back on the bed and
said “shower?” I was already hard and lapping at her pussy again so she must have figured my reply was
no. Pook asked “you have condom” to which I said yes and continued to lick. Pook’s legs were wide
open and still wearing her bra. I licked down to her asshole, swirling around her soft puckered ring then
back up to her pussy.

I came up and kissed Pook. She seemed a little strange to kiss me after licking her box but did anyways.
With the taste of her pussy on her lips Pook started rubbing my bare cock against her slit. I started
pushing into her bareback and the head of my cock all the way inside and throbbing. Pook realized
there wasn’t a condom on. Instead of slowing down she used both her hands to open her tiny pussy
more for my cock.

Pook bit her lip as I slid all the way inside her. We kissed more and I started pumping fast into her
teen box. I started kissing and licking her ears and Pook squirmed and then screamed “tuck-a-tee!!!”
(tickles!!) Pook’s pussy was drenched and was pounding her fully against the mattress. We moved to
doggystyle and I looked at her little smooth buns and exposed butthole. Incredible. Pook rested her
head on the pillow while I plowed her more.

Doggystyle was a pretty sight but missionary with Pook felt best. So flipped her again on her back
and went balls deep. Pook lifted her thin legs high as I thrusted. My cock started throbbing and Pook
opened her eyes big and said “you cum inside???” I told Pook “not yet” shaking my head and she
smiled, then asked me to cum outside. Sure 🙂

After a few more minutes of riding this adorable Thai teen bareback I was ready to bust and pulled out
of Pook’s immaculate slit. I came all around Pook’s pussy, painting her with my seed. Pook laid back to
catch her breath and gave me that shiny smile. She asked for tissue to clean off the cum but in the room
there wasn’t any. She popped up and went to the shower to wash off my sperm.

You don’t need me to say anymore to know that Pook is absolutely recommended for shorttime bliss in

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