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Shy Pattaya teen and gogo girl having sex

Aug 17th 2012

I Love Thai Pussy

“Moo is a hot babe that dances at a Soi Diamond gogo off on Walking Street. I was 50/50 on whether to
take Moo cause her body was hot but onstage she was a “mirror girl.” Those are the girls that don’t look
at customers when they’re dancing on stage and instead focus on themselves in the mirror.

I took the chance and between songs Moo looked away from the mirror and around the gogo. Our
eyes met and I motioned for a lady drink for her. Moo gave me a million baht smile and nodded. The
waitress came over to me and I told her to get Moo a tequila. After 2 more songs Moo came down and
sat with me.

** RANT ** If any gogo owners read this let me give you a tip for GOOD customer service. For the times
when a customer actually buys a girl in your gogo a lady drink have the girl go IMMEDIATELY and sit with
the customer. Don’t make him wait. I’ve left plenty of gogos where they make the girl stay on stage for
a whole rotation. ALSO: When they are down with a customer and the customer is buying drinks DON’T
have them get back onstage for no reason. It’s idiotic when a customer is spending EXTRA money in

your business that you take the girl away and put her back onstage.

** End rant **

Moo came down and sat next to me, looking in slight disgust that I bought her a tequila. Normally that’s
a sign that the girl is going to be a bad lay. Well tonight felt in a chipper mood and smiled that after this
tequila that I was going to buy Moo another 😉

Two tequilas helped to loosen up Moo and she started rubbing my cock through my shorts. I pulled
open her bikini top and licked lightly at her nipples. But now my cock was rock hard and asked if Moo
wanted to go shorttime. She smiled big and said yet, so I paid her barfine (600 baht) and she went to

Moo came out in a cute girlfriend dress and we went to a nearby hotel. Inside the room Moo went into
the toilet and locked the door; another bad shorttime sign. I stripped down and after a few minutes of
cleaning her snatch/ messaging on her phone Moo came out. She put on a smile and hugged me, then
stripped out of her dress. Moo’s body was small and did look nice.

She showered and was shy for pics so this is all I got. After showering Moo blew me and we banged
(condom mostly) and I came on her back. It wasn’t a ground-breaking lay and as I (and any guy in
his right mind) would rather have an easy whore over a boring princess. But such is the pot luck of
spending time with these wonderful little hookers.

We showered again and dressed. I tipped Moo the standard amount and she looked at it, asking
me “3000 baht ok?” I said no with a smile and Moo gave me a big fake bow, grabbed her purse and
went for the door. Needless to say Moo won’t be on the repeat pussy list. ;)”

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2 responses to “Shy Pattaya teen and gogo girl having sex”

  1. navinvin says:

    hi take to me babe

  2. teensinasia says:

    more like , I love HER thai pussy! haha

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