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Alina Li retires due to this scene from

Aug 12th 2014

Pornstar Alina Li is a HUGE hit in the one year she’s been in the adult porn scene. She is actually my personal favorite right now. Well this scene she did with the company site called Public Disgrace supposedly caused her to go overboard, and to quit porn once and for all. (Unless this is some publicity stunt?).

The VIDEO IS HERE. You can see she’s in a corner store, shop type, with many people, girls and guys abusing her, fucking her, licking her, sucking her, putting things inside her pussy, and just absolutely disgracing her. This 19 year old pretty and gorgeous Asian teen really outdid herself here. But she knew what she was going into like the many girls before her. This PublicDisgrace is not a new site, and she knew exactly what she was getting herself into.

You can see the sexual BRUTALITY -> Public DISGRACE WEBSITE

See Public DISGRACE WEBSITE She actually defended company and said this:
I TRULY loved the business and all of the people I have met. I left the business for many many reasons. I started to get burned out, stressed out, and couldn’t take breaks which made me starting to dislike the business. I thought it might be one of the phrase I was having but I was wrong, I was working too much for a very long period of time. Which made me wanting to have a normal life, such as going to college, wait tables, whatever to get me through life, as long as I’ll have a normal life routine without anyone telling me what to do in my life or what choice I should be making. The kink scene (link to video) really pushed me out of the line and I told myself “that’s it, what’s the point of it? I am sick of this.” I do not blame the people at kink, they were doing their job. It was me that stopped enjoying it and loving it. I don’t believe I will make an return back to the business because I can’t look at it the same as I did when I first started it. I want to do something I will truly enjoy and love and it is not this anymore. Money was good, yes. But it did not make me happy. Thank you guys for your time, and for supporting me, even since day 1. I truly truly appreciate it. I did not announce this earlier because I did not want to create a drama, I just have found out that you guys wanting to know the truth and there it is. Love, Alina
I'd love to know what are your opinions on this? Is wrong?

One response to “Alina Li retires due to this scene from”

  1. teensinasia says:

    FYI, i'm asking Kink/Kinkydollars people if there is any truth to this. Wonder what they're going to say 🙂

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